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What is your pricing?





$350 the first month, then $130 per month. Simple.

Your subscription includes...

  • 90-minute psychiatric evaluation

  • 30-minute follow-up visits

  • Direct access and speedy support

  • In-person or Virtual visits

  • Charming and comfortable office 

  • Ample appointment availability

  • Convenient patient portal

  • Prior auths,  most letters & forms

Who fits best with your practice?


  • The practice is best suited for children, teens, and adults of mild to moderate complexity who need approximately 4 to 8 visits per year.

  • The subscription model offers the timely support you need, as a result many issues can be quickly resolved via phone, message, or video call.

  • I am flexible with visits because things happen and you need to be able to count on your doctor.


  • If you feel you require more than I can offer or you're not sure if I'm the right fit? Reach out :-)​

What happens if I cancel?

No problem at all, let's go over it...

Cancel Before 10 Monthly Payments:

Pay only the difference for the retail value of completed visits

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation  $600

30 Minute Follow Up Visit  $260

Cancel After 10 Monthly Payments:

No additional fees or costs


+ $260

= $860


For example...

You decide to cancel after 3 months

You have already completed:

1 x Psychiatric Evaluation

1 x 30 Minute Follow Up Visit


You've already paid:

$350 Evaluation + $130 x 2 months = $610

Your remaining balance:

$860 - $610 =  $250 

Any other fees?

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation Rescheduling Fee  $175

*Waived if rescheduled with 48-business-hours notice.

*See Financial Policy for a list of all fees.

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