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Medication Refills

Running out of medication can be distressing and I make every effort to provide enough refills to last you until your next scheduled appointment as well as fulfilling medication refill requests as soon as possible.


However, my office may take up to 3 business days to respond to all complete and appropriate medication refill requests and I do not process refill requests on weekends or holidays.


It is your responsibility to make contact with your pharmacy or our office several days prior to running out of your medication to request a refill as I do not want you to be without your medication for any length of time.


If you have not been seen recently or missed your last appointment, it may be required for you to have a visit prior to your medication refills being authorized.

If you run out of medication please contact your pharmacist as they may be able to provide a limited supply of medication until you can be seen by me.


Our on-call provider will not be able to authorize new prescriptions or controlled substance refills and you may need to speak with me first.

Prior Authorizations

The prior authorization process can be very frustrating for patients, especially if medications are difficult to afford. If your insurance provider is requiring a prior authorization for your medication it may take several days and at times weeks to respond depending on the urgency.


Our office takes every step to get a timely response but as much as I would like to, I am unable to make the process go any faster. If necessary you can speak to your pharmacist about paying out-of-pocket for a few days of medication until your insurance provider approves your medication and then you may submit a claim for reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Appointment Cancellations

If you miss your initial psychiatric evaluation appointment without providing a 48-business-hours cancellation notice, the first month’s subscription fee is non-refundable.


Once you are established with my practice and have completed your initial psychiatric evaluation you will be allowed to schedule your own follow-up appointments using our patient portal or my administrative staff can help you schedule your follow-up appointments. My expectation is that you communicate ahead of time with our office of changes to your schedule and if you/your child are unable to make your appointment. We understand that unexpected life events may occur, therefore I do not charge a specific no-show fee to patients. However, you are required to provide the office with a 24-business-hours cancellation notice prior to the start time of your appointment. If you do not provide this notice or cancel your appointment with less than a 24-hour notice it will be considered a “no-show.” If you have more than three “no-show” visits at any time, including late cancellations, it may result in you/your child being discharged from the practice.

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