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Well clearly you're curious so let me tell you a little more about myself...


"If I wasn't a psychiatrist I honestly would still be spending my days finding solutions for people and making them laugh. It's just who I am."

Why did you choose psychiatry?

I've always loved unique and interesting stories. I love telling stories but I especially love hearing the stories of others. I've made a career out of my natural curiosity about people and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I love psychiatry because it's all about finding creative and unique solutions to help people in addressing some of the most difficult issues in their lives. I can't imagine doing anything else because it allows me to truly help and connect with people in need.

Are you Board Certified?

American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

2020 | Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

2019 | General Psychiatry

Where did you train?

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship:

2019 | Creighton University School of Medicine | Phoenix, AZ

General Psychiatry Residency:

2017 | University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine | Reno, NV

Where did you go to school?

Medical School:

2014 | Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine | Nova Southeastern University | Fort Lauderdale, FL


2008 | Bachelor of Science | University of Central Florida | Orlando, FL

Where have you worked?

2021-Present | Nevada Youth Training Center | Elko, NV

Providing psychiatric care for at-risk youth in a correctional care setting

2020-Present | Northern Nevada HOPES | Reno, NV

Providing psychiatric care for children and teens at a community health center

2021-2022 | Radiance Ketamine Clinic | Reno, NV

Evaluated adult patients with treatment resistance for ketamine treatment

2019-2021 | University of Nevada Student Health Center | Reno, NV

Provided psychiatric care for undergraduate and graduate students

2020-2021 | True North Treatment Center | Reno, NV

Provided psychiatric care for children and teens at a private therapy practice

2017-2019 | Inpatient Psychiatry | Aurora Behavioral Health Hospital | Tempe, AZ

Provided inpatient treatment for patients at a behavioral health hospital

2017-2019 | Inpatient Psychiatry | Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital | Gilbert, AZ

Provided inpatient treatment for patients at a behavioral health hospital

Are you part of any professional organizations?

American Psychiatric Association

Northern Nevada Chapter

2022-2023 | Chapter President

2016-2017 | Resident-Fellow Member

Dr. Merchant's Ginseng Tree
What do you do for fun?

I'm very passionate about a few things; hanging out with my friends, working out, yoga, vegetarian food, and travel. I'm also a little quirky and...

1. I don't have Wi-Fi or TV at home because apparently I love being bored. No, Lol. Honestly I just love listening to podcasts as well as some peace and quiet. 📵

2. I can defeat almost anyone in Harry Potter trivia and it's the one area in my life where I'm a natural. ⚡

3. I'm super attached to my tiny, oddly shaped, funny-looking Ginseng tree. 🌳

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